On the Mystery of Being, Contemporary Insights on the Convergence of Science and Spirituality

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I’m honored to have contributed to this dazzling collection of essays from the founders of the Science And Nonduality conference, featuring a wide array of visionary spiritual leaders, psychologists, philosophers, scientists, teachers, authors, and healers celebrating and exploring what it means to be human. May it encourage your spirit, challenge your mind, and deepen your understanding of our interconnectedness. 

Who are we? What is our place in this vast and ever-evolving universe? Where do science and spirituality meet?

If you’ve pondered these questions, you’re not alone. Join some of the most spiritually curious and renowned minds of our time for an exploration into the mystery of being. From founders of the Science and Nonduality (SAND) conference, Maurizio and Zaya Benazzo, On the Mystery of Being brings together an array of visionary spiritual leaders, psychologists, philosophers, scientists, teachers, authors, and healers to celebrate and explore what it means to be human.

This beautifully arranged collection of essays and insights highlight topics on the convergence of spirituality and science, weaving scientific theory and spiritual wisdom from some of the most influential thinkers of our time—including Deepak Chopra, Rupert Spira, Adyashanti, and many more—with pieces that get straight to the heart of the matter.

As a powerful antidote to our chaotic and materialist modern world, this dazzling volume offers timeless wisdom and new insight into humanity’s age-old questions. On the Mystery of Being also reveals the cutting-edge explorations at the intersection of science and spirituality today. May it encourage your spirit, challenge your mind, and deepen your understanding of our interconnectedness.

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CSF and DMT in the Brain

JC: Let’s jump right into it…in this VIDEO presentation (Science & Non-duality) you mention that CSF has the ability to transmit signals globally throughout the brain without synaptic activation and total synchronization of the brain at once. This seems extremely important in terms of understanding what is potentially transpiring mechanistically during mystical states. Would you mind elaborating on how you came across this information and what it implies?

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The tonic food provided by seminal essence

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"The tonic food provided by seminal essence, now manufactured in rich abundance and reaching every part of the brain with the cerebrospinal fluid, nourishes the brain cells and the nerve fibers, stimulating them to higher activity necessary for the emergence of a more enlarged consciousness than was manifested before.” 
- Gopi Krishna, The Biological Basis of Religion & Genius  

To read an interview with Gopi Krishna on Consciousness and Kundalini click HERE

Ultra-slow mechanical stimulation of olfactory epithelium modulates consciousness by slowing cerebral rhythms in humans


The coupling between respiration and neural activity within olfactory areas and hippocampus has recently been unambiguously demonstrated, its neurophysiological basis sustained by the well-assessed mechanical sensitivity of the olfactory epithelium. We herein hypothesize that this coupling reverberates to the whole brain, possibly modulating the subject's behavior and state of consciousness. The olfactory epithelium of 12 healthy subjects was stimulated with periodical odorless air-delivery (frequency 0.05 Hz, 8 s on, 12 off). Cortical electrical activity (High Density-EEG) and perceived state of consciousness have been studied. The stimulation induced i) an enhancement of delta-theta EEG activity over the whole cortex mainly involving the Limbic System and Default Mode Network structures, ii) a reversal of the overall information flow directionality from wake-like postero-anterior to NREM sleep-like antero-posterior, iii) the perception of having experienced an Altered State of Consciousness. These findings could shed further light via a neurophenomenological approach on the links between respiration, cerebral activity and subjective experience, suggesting a plausible neurophysiological basis for interpreting altered states of consciousness induced by respiration-based meditative practices.

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CSF and the I AM Presence

Enjoy this presentation on the relationship between vibration, CSF and the I AM Presence, by Greg Sipp.

Greg has studied cranial sacral therapy and somato-emotional release with John Upledger, bodywork with Joseph Heller and Continuum with Emilie Conrad. He has been involved with Surat Shabda Yoga, which endeavors to hear the sounds that emanate through the cerebral spinal fluid, which in turn directs one’s attention to the “I Am” or soul. Greg has also taught hatha yoga for over fifteen years and attended numerous “Towards a Science of Consciousness” and “Science and Nonduality” Conferences. Email: nam87501@aol.com

Ted Fish: Connections with Cerebrospinal Fluid


Ted Fish has compiled this very extensive connections with the CSF through religious sayings as well as his own experiences.

CSF, Soma, Amrita, Manna

“The fruit and sap of the Tree of Life (you) bestow immortality.” In the Bible. men are trees. You have your own maple syrup equivalent.

The Mystic Food

“To those who are victorious I (the Lord) will give the hidden Manna.” Rev 2:17

The Spiritual “FOOD” (or “DRINK”) of God is spoken of throughout the scriptures of all the great world religions. It may seem a strange thing, but it refers to the inner Spiritual sustenance, which is revealed by all genuine Masters, and universally experienced by Mystic initiates. In the Judaeo-Christian tradition it has been called “manna”, “bread from Heaven”, “milk and honey”, “living water”, “elixir”, etc; while in the east it has been referred to as “nectar”, “ambrosia”, “soma”, “amrita”, etc. – i.e. the Divine ‘food of the Gods’.

“I (the Lord) have come down to deliver them… and to raise them up out of this land, to a great and good place, a [Spiritual] land flowing with Milk and Honey.” Exod 3:8

The Holy CSF Grail

"If you watch John Boorman's Excalabur, 1981 you will see the wording around the grail legend to be a perfect description of the inner alchemy. The King and the Land are One--if one finds the Grail one recovers their soul by which the land and society are made healthy--"I didn't know how empty I was until I became full." And whom does the Grail serve? It serves the Universal King of Soul, but not the Wounded King of ego. One could call amrita the Elixir of Soul and the crystal palace in which it is formed is the sacred chalice itself.

The contents of the Grail is "amrita," the Essence of Soul...it is the key to our enlightenment or our "already full state."

The partaker of Soma finds himself both linked to his external body, and yet away from it in his spiritual form. The latter, freed from the former, soars for the time being in the ethereal higher regions, becoming virtually "as one of the gods," and yet preserving in his physical brain the memory of what he sees and learns. Plainly speaking, Soma is the fruit of the Tree of Knowledge forbidden by the jealous Elohim to Adam and Eve or Yah-ve, "lest Man should become as one of us".

Milkng my way to greater consciousness

The Nectar of the Gods is available to everyone who perseveres and who wishes to milk their own olfactory bulb cow.

The research on the CSF in ancient religious and occult texts, and in the Bible, which is quite occult in itself, are full of references to this Light carried by the CSF and full of reference to Soma, Amriti, Manna and various other names given to the nectar of the gods. The land of milk and honey. The fountain of youth. Discovering the key to this land, is through the King of the Mudras, Kechari Mudra, I started practicing, Kriya yoga, and specifically but not exclusively, Talabya Kriya, to gain access to this fountain of youth or restorative spring.

My experience at milking has included Bliss beyond any I had yet to experience and which equates to the drugs of the 60's but with a greater ability to remain focussed. The benefits of the honey has also allowed me to remain focussed and in a state of Samadhi for extended periods of time, (continual milking) allowing me to go to deeper levels of consciousness. I refer to this state as "frozen popsicle". This is the "high" Roger Hodgson sings about in his song "The Meaning". I am sure the intensity can be increased via Pranayama, which is my current focus.

With the ability to practice Kechari Mudra, the Light and Bliss have become more intense at times. The "high" without drugs cannot be matched with drugs. "Don't you want to get high?" asks Hodgson. Roger has practiced Yoga and you can hear his mystical training in songs such as Babaji, Dreamer, Fool's Overture etc.

People spend a lot of time getting high. Whether it be drinking or smoking pot, which Canada just legalized, they are getting high. During my lifetime I spent a lot of time getting high, but nothing compared to the Bliss I was given through meditation. During my attempts at astral travel, and OOBE, I was shown a Light. This Holy Ghost or Shekinah Glory or this Light in my head became my goal each meditation. I would not stop meditating until I achieved Light in my head. Over time, it became easier and easier to achieve the Light.

I researched all things attributed to achieving this Light. It gave me such comfort. It was somewhat addicting. I believe this Bliss is that which everyone is seeking unconsciously, but instead use the material world equivalents to the spiritual high. They seek it through a bottle or joint.

Universal intelligence has attained a high degree of self-awareness in human beings. It is indeed possible for the human mind through meditation to gain eventually that degree of development, intimated in The Voice of the Silence, where one can slay one's lunar (astral) form at will.

Even in the dawn of the Aquarian Age, some forerunners may be entitled to exclaim: "We have drunk Soma, we have become immortal, we have entered into light, we have known the gods."

“The fruit and sap of the Tree of Life bestow immortality.”

Too Tired to Meditate?

There is definitely a wakefulness chemical to Amrita (Soma, Manna etc.) The CSF fluid carries the I AM. The Holy Ghost. The Light. Light is Consciousness. Consciousness is Spirit. Spirit is being poured out now. Aquarius pours. Acts 2:17. You may access spiritual planes of existence or just simply recharge your light body. I think Shaktipat would be possible. Perhaps healing, given the vibration. I am reminded of the song 25 or 6 to 4 and Bennies (Speed) or LSD on the way back machine. You are not going to sleep! Play a bit with the olfactory bulbs and you will awaken to meditative states (Samadhi).

"Five Methods for Attaining Enlightenment Without Meditation"

The Great Liberation Through Hearing in the Bardo, the Tibetan Book of the Dead, is a unique book of knowledge. It is a kind of guide book or a travelogue of the after-death states, which is designed to be read by a master or spiritual friend to a person as the person dies, and after death. In Tibet there are said to be "Five Methods for Attaining Enlightenment Without Meditation": on seeing a great master or sacred object; on wearing specially blessed drawings of mandalas with sacred mantras; on TASTING SCARED NECTORS, consecrated by the masters  through special intensive practice; on remembering the transference of consciousness, the phowa, at the moment of death; and on hearing certain profound teachings, such as the Great Liberation Through Hearing in the Bardo . 
The Tibetan Book of Living and Dying SOGYAL RINPOCHE 

The Ultimate

This was the way to Kaivalya the ultimate state of Samadhi spoken of in the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali - Samadhi states prior to Kaivalya state can be accessed with a seed where all knowledge could be gained using Samyama. I have yet to achieve the ultimate state - oneness with God. However, the content of the CSF allows for greater Light and greater depths of Samadhi. The ultimate goal Kaivalya is called nityodita-samadhi in the Siva Sutras. The Bible concurs

John 8:12 Then spake Jesus again unto them, saying, I am the light of the world: he that followeth me shall not walk in darkness, but shall have the light of life.
John 14:6 Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me.

Benefits of Kechari Mudra

Sanskrit : khecari (magical power of flying

I can attest that with prior Pranayama exercises, flying becomes attainable. You can sail in heavenly bliss.

The chemical attributes of the CSF provide benefits of which I can only speculate, for the chemical composition would dictate the benefits. Some benefits may include

  • Gheranda Samhita says that by performing Kechari Mudra, the yogi overcomes fainting, laziness, thirst and hunger.

  • The yogi doesn’t suffer from disease, decay and death. The immune system becomes very strong. The body becomes divine.

  • In the Gheranda Samhita as well as in the Hatha Yoga Pradeepika, it is said that such a yogi becomes immune to poison and snake bites.

  • Kechari mudra helps the practitioner to attain Samadhi or the super-conscious state.

  • The secretions when consumed give great benefits to the body and has anti-aging properties.

  • Kechari Mudra is also used by yogis to do astral traveling. The mudra helps the yogi to detach the astral body from the physical body and travel in the astral planes.

  • Kechari Mudra is considered the king among all the mudras and is given great importance in all the ancient yogic texts.

Having just achieved stage 4 myself, I can only provide limited confirmation of the effects or benefits of Kechari Mudra. In the future I may add from my experiences. In my limited experience I can say, that the two months of preparation through the stages, was worth the effort. The book, The Secrets of Kriya, is an excellent reference for those wishing to practice Kechari Mudra and Kriya.

"Yogananda wrote about Khechari in an early version of his home study course, published in 1926. The “little tongue” that he mentions below is the uvula, the soft tissue that hangs from the roof of the mouth, at the back of the throat:

This Kundalini moving brainwards, and helped by the union of nerves in the tip of the tongue and the “little tongue,” and certain centers in the nasal cavity, brings about the secretion of a fluid with union of the Life Energy and Cosmic Energy.

This secretion of nectar and union of energies do not involve any loss, but mean immense spiritual realization.

He also gave a similar explanation once to Swami Kriyananda:

Sex seems pleasant to you now, but when you discover the joy of real inner union, you will see how much more wonderful that is.

This union can be achieved physically also, by what is known in yoga as kechari mudra—touching the tip of the tongue to nerves in the nasal passage, or to the uvula at the back of the mouth.
Conversations with Yogananda by Swami Kriyananda

In an early article Yogananda described one of the benefits of practicing Khechari Mudra:

It draws energy from the cerebrum and medulla by connecting the tip of the big tongue with the little tongue (uvula).

He gave a more esoteric explanation in a lecture in India during his visit there in 1935-6:

While practicing Kriya… a divine nectar-like current flows from the sahasrara (chakra, or spinal center, at the top of the head).

Through the performance of Kechari Mudra, touching the tip of the tongue to the uvula, or “little tongue,” (or placing it in the nasal cavity behind the uvula), that divine life-current draws the prana from the senses into the spine and draws it up through the chakrasto Vaishnavara (Universal Spirit), uniting the consciousness with spirit.

The entire body is thereby spiritualized and energized. As a result, a perceptible glow may emanate from the body.
—Mejda: The Family and the Early Life of Paramahansa Yogananda by Sananda Lal Ghosh, pp. 279-28

As you can see in Yogananda’s lectures and writings, he described the different stages of Khechari: first touching the tongue to the uvula, or “little tongue” at the back of the mouth, and then placing the tongue into the nasal cavity above the soft palate.

Fountain of Youth

A story of the "Water of Life" appears in the Eastern versions of the Alexander romance, which describes Alexander the Great and his servant (tongue) crossing the Land of Darkness (nasalpharanyx) to find the restorative spring (olfactory bulb).

The CSF is known as the "fountain" throughout the Bible and other scripture. The fountain of life-giving waters, the fountain of wisdom, the fountain of mystery, the fountain of life, the fountain of righteousness, the fountain of the Lord, the fountain of ambrosia etc.

"The Fountain of Youth is a spring that supposedly restores the youth of anyone who drinks or bathes in its waters. Tales of such a fountain have been recounted across the world for thousands of years, appearing in writings by Herodotus (5th century BC), the Alexander romance (3rd century AD), and the stories of Prester John (early Crusades, 11th/12th centuries AD). Stories of similar waters were also evidently prominent among the indigenous peoples of the Caribbean during the Age of Exploration (early 16th century), who spoke of the restorative powers of the water in the mythical land of Bimini."

“For in them (the Spiritually Wise, i.e. initiates) is the Spring of Understanding, the Fountain of Wisdom, and the River of Knowledge.” (2Esdras or 4Ezra 14:47).

Just Do It!
Ted Fish